my approach

As a counselling psychologist I have been trained to work in a variety of different ways with clients and to be flexible in my approach in accordance with what a client needs. I believe we are all unique and what is beneficial for us at various points in our life is likely to change as we encounter different challenges.

This flexible approach way of working can be described as pluralistic and integrative, as it draws on humanistic, cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic models of therapy to help grow a better understanding of an individual’s lived experience and the sense they make of it. With this flexible approach individuals may work in accordance with their needs and goals to gain practical skills to manage their difficulties, or alternatively, may choose to explore past experiences which they feel are having a negative effect on their life and their relationships in the present. Central to this approach to therapy is the need for a therapeutic relationship.

Whether you require short term sessions or longer-term work, I believe it is important to build a strong, collaborative relationship so that we can explore whatever issues arise together. I offer an empathic, genuine and non-judgemental relationship to clients and foster a space which clients value as they feel safe and accepted.

I am also trained as a Dynamic Interpersonal Therapist (DIT). This is a short-term structured form of psychotherapy which has been shown to be effective for depression and is used widely in the NHS. It is usually conducted over 16 weekly sessions and the focus is on growing an awareness of the association between dynamic patterns which persist in relationships and the symptoms of depression. The aim is to identify a core repetitive dynamic pattern of relating to others which is perpetuating the symptoms of depression. Once recognised, this dynamic pattern can be worked with during the sessions within the safety of the therapeutic relationship.